Hippy Fish is a new, chilled-out, high-end, poké restaurant in the heart of Marylebone. Put simply, this is poké for people who care what they eat. Poké for the particular you could say.

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Our ethos of is based around the original Hawaiian poké but goes beyond the traditional dish with cool new creations and a philosophy that channels laid-back beach culture and healthy ingredients from around the world. 

Look out for some unconventional ingredients, limited editions, luxurious seasonal ‘specials’ and some deliciously decadent treats such as lobster, truffle, caviar and crab claw.


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We're ‘up-scaling’ the poké offering in the capital, by selecting only the freshest, most sustainable, sushi-grade fish and never, ever pre-marinating. With all of our ethically sourced fish delivered on the day it will be served, the quality in a Hippy Fish bowl is allows allowed to sing out.

This is a new dimension in ‘fast’ food: uber fresh, full of flavour and put together to fit your personal preference in terms of taste, dietary and health requirements. You can build your own bowl or grab-and-go with one of our daily signature serves.

If you’re building your own poké bowl, you start with a base of brown, white or even black rice, quinoa or greens.


Top with tuna, salmon, kingfish, prawn, poached chicken or tofu, before adding fresh vegetables such as cucumber, beetroot, nori edamame, ginger or red onion. 

We know that killer dressings are key to a great poké experience, so next it’s time to choose one of our secret sauces to drizzle on your bowl. Want something simple? Fresh lemon & olive oil or the house shoyu. A bit more depth? Dress it up with some roasted sesame or miso tahini. Or for that extra kick, wasabi ponzu and wasabi mayo. The bowls are then finished with an extra dimension of texture, like crispy shallots and crunchy garlic, or toasted coconut and wasabi peas.

Mouth watering yet?


If you're not lucky enough to to eat here everyday, working here is a close second. Drop us a line if you want to join the Poké Crew.

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